Arnott , David & Saydometov, Sergiy
Biblical Economic Policy

McCullough, Sage C.
Last Adam

Adams, Gwen
Crazy Church Ladies

Adams, Dennis D. & Warner, Sue Schumann
Honest, Direct, Respectful

Addison, J. Ray & Addison, Susan C.
18 Inches

Aikman, David
When the Almond Tree Blossoms

Aleece, Alexandra
Roice and the Red Cape

Allen, Nan Corbitt
Watercolor Summer

Allen, Stuart
Quantum Genesis

Allenby, Greg & Graham, Benjamin
Heaven’s Ambassadors in the Making

Anderson, Doug
Love, Jason

Angaroni, Laura P.

Ashburn, Steve
The Next Nuclear War: Are We on the Edge of the End Times?

Ashburn, Steve
End Times Dawning

Baker, Phil

Barber, Jasper E.
The Church at the Fork in the Road

Barnum, Carol
The Other Side of Grief

Bass, Martin
Our Dark Night of the Soul

Batterman, Sam
Maximal Reserve

Batterman, Sam

Bednarz, Stan
Miracle On Snowbird Lake

Benedetto, Pat
Surviving the Tribulation

Benoit, Frank W.R.
No por Ignorancia

Benoit, Frank W. R.
Not by Ignorance

Billings, Ruth

Black, Steven & Stone (Narrator), Erinn
Pulled from Darkness into His Light

Blumenthal, Ariel Laurence
One New Man

Bonnet, John R. & Simankova, Adriena
Sarah Meets Jesus

Bowers, Jr., Russell H.
Finding Home

Bozack, Michael J.
Street Smart Advice To Christian College Students

Bozack, Michael J.
Avoiding a Parental Freak-Out

Brice, Lawrence
The Uncomfortable Church

Brice, Lawrence
Confident Faith

Brooks, Chaplain (Major) Jeffrey Lynn
Resting in God’s Shadow

Brown, Douglas
Shotgun Rider

Brown, Keith Lloyd
The Business of Your Life

Brown, Ron
We’ve Not Been Listening—Book One: The Darkness

Broyles, Aaron
Do Great Things

Bryant, Hattie
I’ll Have It My Way

Bryant, Hattie
I’ll Have it God’s Way

Bubnick, Robbie
Why Isn’t Christianity Working for Me?: Living a Life Based On Your Worth…Not Your Works

Buckingham, Ward B.
Triumph Born of Ashes

Burbidge, Clark Rich
The Cavern of Promise

Burbidge, Clark Rich
StarPassage Series (Book One)

Burbidge, Clark Rich
StarPassage: Book Two, Heroes and Martyrs

Burbidge, Clark Rich
StarPassage: Book Three, Honor and Mercy

Burbidge, Clark & Burbidge, Leah
Living in the Family Blender

Burbidge, Clark Rich
StarPassage: Book Four, Cyber Plague

Burdick, David V.
Chariots of the Fallen

Burdick, David V.
First Vespers

Burdick, David V.
Blair’s Gap

Burge, Ken
Devotions on F.I.R.E. (Year Two)

Burge Sr., Ken J.
1 and 2 Thessalonians on F.I.R.E.

Burge, Sr., Dr. Ken J.
Attributes of God on F.I.R.E.

Burge, Sr., Dr. Ken J.
Ephesians on F.I.R.E.

Burge, Sr., Dr. Ken J.
I John on F.I.R.E.

Burge, Sr., Dr. Ken J.
Revelation on F.I.R.E. (Volume One)

Burge, Sr. , Dr. Ken J.
Revelation on F.I.R.E. (Volume Two)

Burge, Sr., Dr. Ken J.
Philemon, 2 John, 3 John, and Jude on F.I.R.E.

Burge, Sr., Dr. Ken
Devotions on F.I.R.E.

Butler, Randy
Gospel Grit: What Jesus Showed Us and Told Us While Backpacking Homeless

Butler, Randy R.
Forecasting Temptation

Butler, Randy R.
Reclaiming Heaven’s Covenant

Butler, Randy R.
Gospel Grit

Byrd, Rebekah E.
Tsalagi Freedom

Cameron, David & Cameron, Sonya
The Rest of Health

Carmichael, Roo
Mr. Nary

Carmichael, Bill & Nancie
Lord Bless My Child

Carmichael, Bill
Seven Habits of a Healthy Home

Carmichael, Nancie
The Unexpected Power of Home

Carmichael, Bill & Carmichael, Nancie
Leap of Faith

Carson, Susan F.
Rooted (IN)

Cass, DeeDee
Faith Feedings

Chaya, John J.
God’s Warhorses

Chipman, John E.
God’s Elect

Claeys, John
The Impending Apocalypse

Clausen, Wallace R.
Last Words of Christ

Clayton, Michael
He Leadeth Me

Cloud, Kevin
God and Hamilton

Clymer, Lois
Sacred Strands

Collins, Sharon
Becoming His Masterpiece

Collins, Sharon
Becoming His Masterpiece: Reflect and Pray Edition

Cook, Lanny K.
Fingernails on the Chalkboard

Cook, Lanny K.
Sons of the Eastern Plains

Cook, Lanny K.
The Mystery of Zion

Cook PhD, L.K.
Amazon Culture

Cooper, Brandon
A Word to the Wise

Covel, Kaitlin
Atoning for Ashes

Cox, Dan & Radley, Carmen

Curry, Noelene
God’s Promise For Families

Dalton, Mary Clark
The Cloud

Daniell, PhD, Andy
Clear Vision

Davis, Nate
Strawberry Parenting

De Prisco, L. Richard
Flashlights at the Sun

Deemer, Roger
Godly Personalities

Delcourt, Wendy

DelHousaye, Kent
Blueprint in Bedlam

Dennington, Gregg
From Groaning to Owning: How to Possess What’s Already Yours

Detrick, Don
Growing Disciples Organically

Diaz, Gwen
Is it Possible…To Transform the Lives and Legacies of Single Teen Moms?

Dietz, Andy
Kidnapped in Budapest

Dixon, Jeff
Unlocking the Kingdom

Dixon, Jeff
The Key To The Kingdom

Dixon, Jeff
Storming the Kingdom

Dixon, Jeff
Terror in the Kingdom

Dixon, Jeff
Kingdom Chaos

Echols, Mary
And Then There Was One

Egle, Patrick
Renovating Your Mind

Eicher, Arielle N.
The Bathtub Full of Holes

Ellery, Valerie
Equipping The Warrior Woman

Ennis, Rev. Mark William
The Circle of Seven

Espy, John M.

Esses, M.D., E. Jennifer
Finding Your Worth in Christ

Ewald, Dr. Thomas G.
Judas and the Criminal Mind

Faith, Jennifer
The Dark Night of Faith

Farnham, Mark J.
Every Believer Confident

Farris, Beth
A Girl from Galilee

Faulkner, Jayne Pearson
The Place of Belonging

Fink, Victoria & Phillips, Dixie
Never a Child, Yet Always Cherished

Fitzgerald, W. A.
Micah’s Trials

Foshee, Dr. Gary

Francis, Mark
Anna’s Call

Fruh, Aaron David
The Casualty of Contempt

Gannett, Ron
The Jesus Passages

Gardner Foppe, Emily
Finding the Secret Place

Gauche, Paul
The Dance of Marriage

Gerber, Walt
The Best Is Yet to Come

Gettel, Jim
Where Jesus Leads

Gobeille, David M.
Cattle, Crops, & Spurs

Goble, Roy
Junkyard Wisdom Rebuilt

Gonzales, Rudy
Then Came Hispangelicals

Good, Mark
Real Talk

Gotthardt, Alan
The Eternity Portfolio, Illuminated

Graham, Loran
Investing with Integrity

Gruner, John Scott
The Infidel

Guinn , Jacquelyn & Guinn, Allan
Clarifying Christianity

Habecker, Dr. Eugene B.
The Softer Side of Leadership

Hall, Tim
Beautiful Interference

Hall, Gregory D.
Rethinking Rest

Hanna, Melvin H.
Mood Food

Harrison Jones, Paula
The Kidnapping of Lady Justes

Hatch, Mike

Hazelton, David
The Simplified Guide: Paul’s Letters to the Churches

Hearn, Travis
Your But’s Too Big

Henrion, Anthony Blair
Time Everlasting

Hilbert, C.E.
The Wooing of Jane Grey

Hiller, Tim

Hoffman, Walter & Foster, Foreword by Richard J.
And Church Happened

Holstein, D.B.
C3: Christ Centered Coaching

Horsfall, Titi
From an Orphan to a Queen: Esther

Horsfall, Titi
Influence of a King

Horsfall, Titi
The Rivers Frontier

Horsfall, Titi
Settled Dust

Hoskins MD, PhD, Edward J.
In the Shadow of the Qur’an

Howard, David M.
Attack on Christianity

Ilgenfritz, Miriam
Letters to Emily

Jenkins, Jim
Fatal Drift: Is the Church Losing Its Anchor?

Johnson, Jean
We Are Not the Hero

Johnson, Debbie
A Pocketful of Seeds

Johnson, Angi
The Gentleness in God

Joseph, Sara
Gently Awakened: The Influence of Faith on Your Artistic Journey

Joye, Isabelle
Purify My Heart

Keane, Linda
The House on Lowell Street

Keller, Christine
FAITH Not Fear: When It’s God’s Plan, You Win

Kifetew, Dr. Missy T.
Beyond the Fairy Tale

Kinsel, Ashlee S.
A Sacred Silence

Kirsch, Nanette

Klassen, Ron

Kleinberg, Karen
Crowns of Courage

Klimenko, Michael
Indelible Impressions

Knutson, Marc B.
Marinating Moments

Lamour, Frantz & Lamour, Djenny
Love Captivated

Latzka, JD, Natalie Dee
Navigating True North

Lawton, Willis
Behind the Shattered Church

Levesque, Cynthia Soule
Backcut, a Novel by C.S. Levesque

Light Shine Art,
Walk By Faith, Inspirational Coloring Book for Grown-Ups

Light Shine Art,
Trust in the Lord, Inspirational Coloring Book for Grown-Ups

Light Shine Art,
Joy, Peace, Love – Inspirational Coloring Books for Grown-Ups

Lonergan Holt, Devin
Play on Word

Machamer, Rick
The Magic of Grace

Marchant, Kathleen Ann
The Great Escape

Martin, Frederic M.
American Evangelicals and Modern Israel

Martinez, Jan
Christ Kitchen

McAndrew, Stephen
Why It Doesn’t Matter What You Believe If It’s Not True

McCartney, Bill
Two Minute Warning

McClure, Joshua A.
Who Do You Say I Am?

McClure, Joshua A.
The Crimson Thread of the Bible

McClure, Joshua A.
Made for Glory

McClure, Joshua A.
On Broken Pieces

McClure, Joshua A.
On Holy Ground

McClure, Joshua A.
Are you Jesus?

McCutchan, Betty
Listen to the Silence

McLaughlin, Heidi
Sand to Pearls

McLaughlin, Heidi
Beauty Unleashed

McLaughlin, Heidi
Restless For More

McMurry, Douglas
The Forgotten Awakening

Messer, Katie
Mirrors to Windows

Middleton, Adair Fletcher
May I Go Now?

Middleton, Niamh
Homo Lapsus

Miller, Richard L.
The Prodigal Road

Miser, Dani
Single Woman Seeks Perfect Man

Mohr, Scott
A Heaven to Die For

Monteith, Karen H. & Padgett, Christopher J.
Redrick Raccoon and the Christmas Mystery

Morden, Carole
Dry Bones, A Jamie Storm Novel

Morris, Elizabeth
Dying in Indian Country

Muir, Jim

Mumford, Judy Ann
Beyond Rubber Duckies

Munton, Doug
Immersed: 40 Days to a Deeper Faith

Neill, Laurie Etta
Who Told You That?

Newell, C.B.
Sustaining Revival

Nolan, Sean A.
Searching for God in Christianity

Nolley, Rebecca J.

Norberto, Jose J.
The Physical Death and Resurrection: A Surgeon’s View

Norberto, José J.
Muerte Física y Resurrección: Visión de un cirujano

O'Brien, Welby
Love Our Vets – Revised Edition

O'Dowd, Mike
The Gospel

Oak, John & Warren , Foreword by Rick
The Crucial Challenge: How to Engage Your Church in Disciple Making

Okoro, Pedro
Crushing the Devil

Omokri, Reno

Ouellette, Matthew
Thoughts that Fell From A Taco Shell

Page, Kay
Doing Time With Charlie

Palmer, Ian Dexter
FracMan Conflicted

Parr, Steve
The Coffee Shop That Changed a Church

Pearson Wiese, Kim
The First Stone

Perino, Kristen
From #Selfie to Selfless

Perks, Marilyn

Perry, Christine F.
How I Met Peace

Phemister, Mary Anne
Hannah More: The Artist as Reformer

Phillips, Elaine
With God, Nothing Is Impossible

Phillips, Elaine A.
With God, Nothing Is Impossible: Walking in the Way

Plants, Craig
Rapture: Delayed?

Plunkett, Linda
Supernatural Rescue

Prather, John T.
The Nephilim Virus

Quello, Dan
Can I Still Believe in Heaven?

Quint, Charlene
Angels of Ebermannstadt

Quint, Charlene
Blessings, Prayers, & Heart Songs

Radandt, Friedhelm
The Radio Signal

Raw, Randy & Raw, Kathy
The SABERS Cycle

Reddish, Tim
The Amish Farmer Who Hated L.A.

Reno, Loren M.
10 Leadership Maneuvers

Rentz, Preston
The Way He Loves

Reynolds, Charlotte J.
He Called Himself a Barnstormer

Richardson, Ricardo
Any Way You Slice It

Robertson, Alan
True Happiness: Living the 8 Beatitudes

Roelofs, Lois Hoitenga
Caring Lessons

Roelofs, Lois Hoitenga
Marv Taking Charge

Ronne, Jessica
Sunlight Burning at Midnight

Rooney, Karin & Santala, Jessie
Sink or Swim

Ross, Steven L.
Fountains of the Deep

Roy PhD, Archie W.N.
The God of Dreams

Ruggles, Ken
The Disruptive Messiah

Saad, Rose
A Path To Hope

Sanford, Derek
Untapped Church

Schuch, Dan
Mommy, What is a Missionary?

Shakespeare, Ann
God’s Gift of Tremendous Power

Shakespeare, Ann
A Luminous Encounter

Shryock, Danielle
Unspoken Love

Shryock, Danielle
The Guardians in the Storm

Simpson, William Anderson
Midnight Rising

Sinclair, Jim
You Were Designed

Smith, Ric
Every Day Is an Audition

Smith, Jane Amelia
Rx for Grief

Snyder, Kristin P.
When Storms Come

Snyder, Jed N.
Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned in My Garden

Spaulding, Steven M.
Obedient Nations

Spillman, Richard
DWJD: Do What Jesus Did

Stanford, Julien
Kingdom of God or Pagan Empire?

Stevens, Gary & Radley, Carmen
Waiting for a Father

Stevens, Jeremy W.
So…What Happens Next?

Stevens, John G.
Baja’s Wounded Healer

Stewart, Donald
Caught Between Heaven and Hell

Stoltzfus, Dara
Jungle Breezes

Sweet, Laura N.
God Sent a Baby

Tate, Kimberly Cash
More Christian Than African-American

Taylor, Helen Julia
Walking the Bridge: My Story

Thebridge, Nathan
Life Interrupted

Thiessen, Michael
Pursuing a First-Class Marriage

Thomas, E. Madoc
Climbing Home

Thomas, Greg

Thompson, John L.
Changing the Landscape of Eternity

Toh, Terry
What In the World Is Wrong?

Traeger, Randy
Building Character, One Virtue at a Time

Traeger, Randy
Voices of Virtue

Traeger, Randy
Fruit for the Spirit, Meat for the Grill

Treece, Danielle
The Real Thing

Trible, Rosemary
Fear to Freedom

Troll, Jonathan
When We Were Young

Unkovich, Tanya
From Grief to Greatness

Urrutia, Christine
Hope for the Hungry Soul

van der Spuy, Melt

Walker, Bonnie
Refuge Ranch: The Glory Continues

Warner, Graham
A Real Apprentice

Warnick, David
Is There More?

Watkins, Liz
A Life Less Lived

Wayne, Gary
The Genesis 6 Conspiracy

Welch, Katherine M.
Thorns and Roses of Greyfield

Wetzel, Sarah
Growing Down

White, Tyler

Wilder-Smith, Annelies & Wilder-Smith, Einer
Grasping Heaven

Wilkinson, Bob
Journey From The Great Palace

Williams, Jeral
Being a Proverbial Student

Williams, Kelly
A Gradual Redemption

Williams, Ron
Lost and Found Along The Way

Wiltshire, Cherise
Heart’s Cry

Wise, James D.
Spiritual Gifts, Plain and Simple

Wondra, Josh
A Tale Divine in Rhythm and Rhyme

Wood, Sam & Debbie
Time For Three: God, My Spouse, and Me

Wood, Shea & Milligan, Susan
Moving Him In

Woods, Beth
You Will Surely Not Die

Woods, Beth
You Will Surely Not Die 2

Zimmerle, Daniel
God Attainable

Zurcher, Melinda & Thomson, Rachel Starr
Where the Rubber Meets the Road